Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bye 2011!

Robert Hutchison, in an address to the British Medical Association in 1930, once said "Vegetarianism is harmless enough though it is apt to fill a [hu]man with wind and self-righteousness."

What a year!  I must say, I'm glad to be putting it behind me.  Several highlights though, it's not that 2011 was a terrible year.  There are definitely some moments/events/times that I'm glad I won't be repeating, but all in all it went by so fast because we were so busy!  2012 is going to unpredictable and no doubt speedy as well.  Best part of this past year?  Rod's family coming to visit!!  What a great month!  Worst part?  Having to say good-bye to Lancelot.  Hm.  Still sad.

So, changing the subject before sap-head cries again, all other food bloggers I'm following are doing a sort of recipe round-up.  I might as well too.  I'm biased though, so I guess I can't be a good judge for the 'best in show' category.  What to do...  what... to... do...

Index!  To index everything, it will not only take forever, but it will also take up beaucoup amounts of space so just a few for each genre of meal.  The ones listed aren't my "favorites" by any means because, as mentioned above, I love all of them. Also, I apologize for the formatting, usually they are pleasantly left-justified but for some reason they only want to show up in the center or else I have to do some weird paragraphing and I don't want to risk screwing it up on the output.  Oh my, did I just geek out there for a second?

In no particular order...I make a lot of porridge and pancakes apparently.  Resolution?  Make new breakfast-type food stuffs!


Brekkie Cranberry Oats (with a quick pita pizza)

Crispy Coconut Almond Pancakes

Pumpkin Pancakes


Macadamia Poppy Granola

Omelette (c'est French)

Though most of what I make is targeted to be "quick" and hopefully "light" I figure some can be sub-categorized as quicker/lighter...

Key Lime Pie Raw-ra Bars

Burrito Rapido!

Sun-dried Tomato Cashew Spread and Roasted Pepper Spread

Unbelievable BBQ Sauce

We love bread... a lot.  I love variety on my plate... combined, many side dishes!

Focaccia Fantastica

Savory Donuts: Leek and Rosemary

Potato Cakes

Fiesta Rice
Cream of Broccoli--and Sesame Too!

Cheezy Rolls

So many to choose from!  Alas, I have picked but a few for your review... hope you try something out and if you do, please leave a comment!

Pastel de Choclo and Empanadas de Queso (Chilean Independence Dinner, 2 recipes)

Roasted Garlic Crunchy Risotto

Spaghetti con Cojones

Sesame Crusted Chick'n

What a Jerk Seitan Is... Peas-ful Bulgur-ity and Purdy Plaintains

The winners every time... They seem to get the most attention, and why shouldn't they?  I have a pretty gnarly sweet tooth.

PineGin LemLoaf

 Crunchie Bar Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Berry Layer Cake

Alfajores (Chilean Independence Dessert)

Banana Cashew Cookie Ice Cream

Chocolate Donuts with Chocolate Glaze

Creamy Chocolate Lime Pie

Candied Pecans

Blueberry Almond Sugar Cookies

And with that, I stop.  I wish you all the best in 2012!  Many more recipes will be joining the ranks here at Self Righteousness 'n Gas  :-)

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