Friday, October 28, 2011

Chocolate Donuts with Chocolate Glaze

There's nothing better than chocolate donuts.  Nothing except homemade chocolate donuts.  Oh, and I guess homemade chocolate donuts with homemade chocolate glaze.  Wait, there is one thing that trumps them all: mini homemade chocolate donuts with homemade chocolate glaze.

I even got tagged on Facebook when I was making these for being such a loving wife.  Nobody ever said vegan=tasteless tree bark!

(Nor did they guarantee that vegan=healthy...)

Let the record show however that they did not last long... they had the life cycle of a mayfly.  About 24 hours.  Funny, because I made about 24 donuts in total.  I think...?  Even Stitch went into a sympathy-chocolate-induced coma.

The secret to this creation is the Babycakes Donut Maker.  Without it, I'd need to use a donut tin and the oven.  Who knows how long that would take!  So, because I'm obsessed with miniature foods, I could not resist buying this contraption a few months back when it was on sale.  Twenty bucks!  Can you believe it? After my beloved departed food processor, may you rest in pieces, this is up there as a potential favorite appliance.  What knocks it down is its lack of versatility.  The rice cooker steams vegetables and makes soup... bread maker takes care of the pesky dough-kneading task for other types of foods (bread, pizza, cinnamon buns...mmmm).  The mini donut maker... makes... mini... donuts.  I need to get creative and make a zillion different kinds and then I'll feel better about including it in the top 5.  Right now I just feel like a biased hedonist with a mean sweet tooth.

Behold, babycakes!

Makes 1 servings, be honest with yourself.
Ok, makes 2.  ;-)

*Recipe adapted from the one that came with the donut maker.  And by adapted I mean veganized.*

1 1/4 cups AP flour
1/2 cup cocoa (I used Hershey's Special Dark)
1/2 cup cane sugar (granulated white-like)
1 TBS baking powder
1 flaxseed egg (1 TBS flaxseed meal mixed with 2 TBS water, set aside to thicken)
3/4 buttermilk (3/4 cup milk, 3/4 tsp vinegar.  Mix and set aside)
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla

3/4 cup powdered sugar
2 TBS cocoa powder
2 TBS milk (or half and half, or creamer if you have it.  It's recommended in the original recipe, I just didn't have any)
1 tsp vanilla

1. Get excited for delicious mini chocolate donuts in just a few minutes!
2. Mix the milk and vinegar and set aside.  Also mix the flaxseed meal with water and set aside.  Most recipes will recommend 3 TBS of water per TBS of flaxseed meal but I like it really paste-y so I usually only go with two.

"Buttermilk," which is how you'd make it if you don't already have it on hand.  Us vegans must make it.

Flaxseed "egg" after thickening.

3. Mix the dry ingredients while those two wet ones are settling.  The milk should be left alone after mixing about 7-10 minutes.  So prepare that first for sure.

4. Add the wet ingredients (including the vanilla) to the dry and mix it up. 

5.  When well mixed, follow your donut maker's directions.  
They state about 2 TBS of batter in a heated donut maker per donut.  Close the lid and wait for the light to change.  I actually find that it's better to time it.  Maybe it's the flaxseed being used instead of a chicken egg, but it seems undercooked with the default time.  I go 4 minutes on the first round and then I'll flip them over and go another 3 minutes.  It hasn't burned a single one yet so it seems pretty safe.

 6. Meanwhile, make the glaze.  Ready for this?  Mix all of the glaze ingredients really well.  Now wait for your first batch,.
Torture, I know...

7. Remove your first batch and set aside on a wire cooling rack for a couple of minutes.  I used this "cooling time" to load the next batch into the donut maker. 

8. Dip the donuts halfway into the glaze and set back on the rack to cool. 
I highly recommend putting the rack over a plate or sheet of some sort because they will drip delicious chocolate goodness that you can later force yourself to clean with a spatula.   

9. Bake, cool, dip, cool, eat, repeat!  Emphasis on eat and repeat ;-) 
 Yum... and fun!

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