Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pictures! Chocolate Berry Layer Cake and Granola

I hope these come through!!!!

The Fully Assembled Chocolate Berry Layer Cake

I ended up making three cakes with two layers each.  Three would have been fine, but we were already feeling fat from dinner :)

So, here's the process:

Cooking Strawberries

Ingredients for Coconut Cream

Hardened Coconut Cream, what's separated from the coconut water after having left the can at least an hour in the fridge.

Scooped out hardened topping... leaving coconut water behind

The water left at the bottom
After mixing it with the powdered sugar and vanilla...

The cooked strawberries, ready to go into the freezer to chill rapidly

The finished chocolate cake, sliced as you see in 6ths

Bam!  Layer One!

Attempted close-up of the assembled cake, with chocolate shavings...
oh my it was yummy!

And now, three shots of the granola by OhSheGlows... SO AWESOME!

Yum #1

Yum #2

Yum #3

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