Monday, July 18, 2011

Carrots, Cranberries & Cashews, oh my! ... and Skillet Taters!

Funky little salad! Much like dip vs hummus, I didn't tell Rod this was a salad... in fact I didn't tell him I was making it. I just served it.... and he loved it. You say salad and his testosterone is audibly threatened. So in addition to the last of the brie with more Publix baguette rounds (RIP), I made skillet potatoes and this carrot concoction. Both were winners and extremely easy to make.

Servings depend on how many potatoes you cut up. One medium potato per person is good... so approximately 150-175 calories per serving.

1-4 mediumish-large potatoes, depending on how many you are feeding.
Dried herbs, my choice: Rosemary, thyme
1/8 tsp salt per tater, optional of course.

1. Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil. As opposed to a frantic boil.
2. Slice the taters into 1/4 inch thick rounds.
3. Chuck carefully into the hot water, and boil about 15 minutes til softened but not mushy.
4. Heat a skillet with spray, oil, etc. over medium heat.
5. Drain potatoes and work in small batches, cooking them evenly in the skillet, tossing around every so often.
6. Near the end, toss in about 1/2-1 tsp of herbs of choice and stir it up, little darling.
7. Remove onto plate and continue with the next batch.

2 svgs, 150 calories per serving.

Shh-alad (shhh... salad)
2 large carrots
2 tbs dried, sweetened cranberries
1 tbs dried, unsweetened coconut

1 tbs agave nectar
2 tbs white grain vinegar
1 tbs chopped raw cashews
Scant pinch of salt, optional

1. In the best kitchen appliance, chop the carrots til it's between chunky and fine... it's a delicate balance.
2. Divide onto two plates in two cute orange piles. Add 1 tbs cranberries per pile and a half a tbs of coconut per pile.
3. Without cleaning the processor, add the dressing ingredients and whiz til cashews are finely chopped. It will be runny, don't worry. (Hehehe... Rod pointed out I said whiz and then runny in the same direction)
4. Divide dressing evenly over the two piles and enjoy!

You could probably put everything in the processor at once if you wanted (except the cranberries ... I don't think those would cooperate). It's very simple and very delicious.  You could also sub maple syrup for the agave if that is your liquid sweetener of choice.

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