Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pasta to Go, Please!

Ok, we had no time and we were hungry.  So a quick pasta it was!  While the water boiled and pasta cooked, the rest of the ingredients could be prepped.  I am trying to ease Rod into the idea that plain noodles with some margarine is actually really tasty.  I used to eat it when I was a kid... Rosi would serve it when I had an upset stomach.  I guess I took a liking to it.  Anywho, fast meal, good for a quick treat!

2 servings

4 oz pasta
2 TBS margarine, divided
1 tsp each dried:
-garlic powder
(to be divided between each serving)
sprinkle of cayenne and salt, optional
1/2 TBS each serving of breadcrumbs to top. 

1. Boil your water and add the pasta.  Cook as directed by the package. 
2. Serve and mix in the rest of the ingredients!

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