Monday, September 5, 2011

Big Apple Adventures

We're back from NYC, and I can return to da blog.  I'll give the round-up and then return to postings about meals starting manana.  I'll also keep this strictly to a summary of what was consumed, for the full details of the trip then you should be FB friends with Rod.

On the First day of NYC:
We walked a lot.  Just as we were getting peckish we saw a Sabra flag not too far up ahead.  Free Samples?  Yes, thank you, we'll take two!  We sat in Washington Square Park and consumed hummus with pita chips.  Lots of people watching going on...

Claire, Mari and James introduced us to a fantastic little spot not too far from there called Caracas.  I forgot to take pictures, sorry.  And don't be fooled by the picture of the restaurant, it is quite... cozy... We actually ended up going to their smaller to-go joint because the wait was rather long.  DELICIOUS!

On the Second day of NYC:
More walking.  The latest VegNews had some highlights of eateries in NYC, and a couple issues back had a lengthy review of the blossoming Blossom empire.  We visited Blossom Du Jour, a lovely spot in Chelsea.  
We hit it up rather early as I had a surprise for Rod that night that involved Times Square, music and a spider.  The neighborhood was chill, and the food was incredible.

I had a "chicken" salad wrap that shall be recreated at home soon.  Oh my, it was heavenly.
Rod had the Skyscraper Burger, which in turn was so amazing it should have been ashamed of itself.
We also had an appetizer of onion rings, but they were gone before the camera left the bag.

Then, rather than having a cupcake or cookie, I wanted to spoil Rod.  The place next door was unfortunately closed, Cocoa V.  While we were sitting in the Du Jour joint, I happened to notice that the original Blossom was right across the street!
Even though we were insanely full, coffee and dessert cannot be missed when you actually have the opportunity to have some (same behavior occurred with Terri, see below).   
Rod went for the ganache.  When it appeared my first thought was 'uh oh, overpriced small chocolate cake' but I sat corrected.  Though it took up less space on a plate than a slice I'd serve myself, it was a dense pastry from the culinary gods.  It blew us away.  One of those times where after every bite you go 'mmmmmm.'

I was going to go for either the cheesecake or the lavender creme brulee, or both let's be honest, but our server rattled off the specials and I was hooked with the date parfait.  Best last-minute switcheroo I could have made.  It was unbelievable!  The pictures do not do justice, you must eat there yourself when you're in NYC or if you're already there then get your hiney down to Chelsea.  There's another one, Cafe Blossom, but we never made it there.  We were close, but close to broke at that point.

To Blossom: Thank you.

But my Kristin, how on earth could you stuff more in your gut?  Well, after about 6 hours we were a bit hungry again so we hit up an NYC food cart just off the subway.  It was grand!  Vegetables, chickpeas and rice, total yum.

On the Third Day of NYC:
For lunch we went to my old college cafeteria.  Boy has it been updated... yikes!  In our favor though as they had a humongous salad bar, a vegan section with black beans, wax beans and pesto rice (sorry, consumed before the camera showed itself!).  I'm sure there was more, but I couldn't fit it in! (TWSS)
 Here's my salad... I just kept piling things on and then realized I could have more than one bowl if I wanted 

For dinner Mari and James and Natalie and Claire took us to Mimi's Hummus.  No pictures of food... Just one of the group at the end.  It was all too good, highly recommended!

On the *sob* Fourth Day of NYC:
Oh. Your. God.

This place is fantastic!!! It was a total fluke, pardon the fishy reference.  We had been walking for a change and got hungry.  Happy [Hungry] Cow hooked us up with a huge selection of vegan places all over the area and this place was closest. What a delightful surprise!  Terri, now in link form for you to visit their site.

I had the portobello pesto sandwich, behold:
And Rod had the Buffalo 'chicken':
We also had Sweet Potato Fries, that weren't fries, but rather just bundles of sweet potato love:
From the moment my tear-filled eyes glazed over the menu, I had them trained on the butterfinger shake.  That has been my holy grail of a veganized confection.  I've been hesitant to taint the memory but alas, no more!  The challenge has been put forth and it shall be done this week! 
And yes, that is a chocolate cupcake...

Chocolate Cupcake Close-Up!

All in all, it was a delicious excursion.  We long to return, and we shall enjoy the memories for many months to come.  Thank you Mari, James, Claire, and Natalie for your awesomeness!!!

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