Sunday, August 14, 2011

Two Vegans, Two Cities...ready...set...go veg!

Random rest-area photo along a surprisingly shorter-than-we-thought road trip to Orlando.

Our awesome friends hooked us up with a super comfy couch and a sweet romp around Orlando to many vegan joints that blew our minds!  Who knew???  Can't wait to try out more!  Since I can't really cook during our adventures in Massachusetts, I decided to make this week about the different things we have come across that we have been able to indulge in!  It's all about us, dammitt!

First Indulgence:
Homemade tea, some funky kefir, spicy capsacin beverage... and filtered water ;)  I guess I was more dehydrated from the road than I thought because I didn't have to relieve my tiny bladder every five minutes.

Second Indulgence: Lunch at Infusion Tea!
It was raining so I couldn't get in front of the sign but this will do.
1600 Edgewater Dr. Orlando FL 32804

Upon parking, we were greeted by this fella...
 Hop up to look over the fence and s/he's got a friend!
 And friend has a creepy eye peeking out... 
 Shudder... but very cool nonetheless.  

What we ate:
 Pesto Panini, Rod had the Root Beer and I tried the Mate (mah-tay) soda which rocked!  I was hesitant because I don't like sodas but I had already paid for it when I realized it was a carbonated beverage... But it was really good!  Didn't taste like mate at all, but I think that's a good thing.
 Yummmmm...  It was EXCELLENT!
 Michelle had the Bruschetta (not vegan, though we think probably nix the Parmesan and it probably is)
 Joel had the same panini!

Then we went to a PHENOMENAL cupcakery...
Third Indulgence:
Raphsodic Bakery (it was still raining so no outside sign, sorry)
710 Mills Avenue, Orlando FL 32803
You just have to have one of everything, really.  You do.
See menu description.

Too delicious... don't believe us? Ask the dishes.

 Michelle and Joel had what I believe was a raspberry jam or some other berry jam based cupcake and a red velvet cupcake...
 Rod and I had a mocha and blueberry maple.

Rod went back for a second cupcake... got the same one ;)  He fears change....

After making an appearance at a gathering at Alchemy that was really neat, we moseyed onto dinner.

Fourth Indulgence: Ethos Vegan Kitchen 
1235 North Orange Ave., Orlando FL 32804
 Of course, with pizza on the menu, who could resist?
Not Rod!

We got a marinara-based pie with sausage, mushrooms and artichoke hearts.  SCORE!  Can't pass on a place that offers vegan sausage [TWSS]
Michelle and Joel shared some mac and cheese... 
 and a half & half pizza... half pesto and half marinara based... 
There were tomatoes, roasted red peppers and some other red topping that I don't recall but it was really purdy!

Rod and I also shared an appetizer that we wolfed down and I forgot to was a trio with mango salsa, olive tapenade and a hummus, served with blue tortilla chips, sourdough bread and carrot/celery sticks.  Totally awesome!

And now meet who ate and had fun in Orlando on Saturday! 

Michelle and I watched 'The Nameless' while Joel taught Rod this funky new music program that is really cool!!  THANK YOU JOEL!!!!  THANK YOU MICHELLE!!!  YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4am wake-up alarm to get us to park our car for the week by the airport and then off to Massachusetts!

As far as Boston at this point in time, we had Starbucks for breakfast (could NOT find a local cafe that was open!  And we really tried, so many cool sounding places and they were all closed :(   ).  Then we had a really nice and filling late lunch at:
Border Cafe
128 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington MA 
Very nice, and our server, Jillian, totally hooked us up with Vegan fare--the flour tortillas are made with milk, which we never would have known so she was intuitive and came back to ask if our request for no cheese and no sour cream was a vegan thing.  Thanks!!
Rod rocked the fajitas
I had a salad--which might look meek but nay, tis a mighty salad.  You cannot see the mountain of black beans upon which this lighter fare sits.  DELICIOUS!

Can't wait to see what else we can find!

And for some fun, here's a game I like to call juxtapositions (look closely):
hehehe... humorist book organizer...
And we bought Cannibal Killers ;)

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