Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beantown Round-up!

Well, first apologies for the delay, voracious readers... I couldn't find the USB cable to hook my camera up to upload pictures! Now that I'm incorporating visual aids, I felt like I was cheating you out of good quality photos to enhance the descriptions of what we've consumed thus far.  Today is our last full day and we plan to hang out with her awesomeness, Amber, at the Jamaica Plain Music Festival: and for all ye facebook enthusiasts, scroll down to check out their 'mixtape'.  It's great!

So anywho, quick round-up of consumption while we're at it... My days might be off a bit but I'll try to recollect as best I can!

Ready, set, go veg!

Ah breakfast!  Most days this is what I'd have... some oats with peanut butter, a ton of fruit, tea, water and more fruit.  Yum!

On Monday we had Rudy's with Amber (previous post); on Tuesday we ordered pizza!  I called around to find vegan-friendly dough and one Italian place replied to my question with "What?" "Does your dough contain any dairy?" "We don't have pizza."  The horror!  But we found this place:

Where they also had this awesome bread side that was just incredible.

Pizza crust with marinara topped with onions, artichoke hearts, peppers, garlic and mushrooms.  It was very tasty indeed!

The following night we had Indian food, which was challenging to order over the phone due to a difference in accents but we got delicious food that was so good I completely forgot to photograph it...  My bad!

For lunch most days by the way I'd hit up the salad bar and get tasty treats such as this:

Spinach base, couscous with cranberries and mango, and sweet chili tofu! YUM!!

Last night we had the best pizza so far! They even had daiya already on the menu making it so easy to order!!

Oh my... soooooooo good!!!

Couldn't stop eating it! A whole jumbo pie ;)

This is where I was all week, by the way:

And this is us, promoting our dinner hotspot!

Thanks for your attention!

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