Thursday, November 10, 2011

Colorful Pasta Salad

This was a bit too easy.

What to do with leftover pasta... First, who has leftover pasta?  Somehow I did... so I made a quick pasta salad of sorts.  And boy was it good.  I won't delay you any further with my musings... The secret? Dried dill. Oh my... dill, you are my second favorite herb after thyme. You can never have enough thyme.  Heh.

2 servings

3/4 cup cold cooked pasta
2 cups broccoli and carrots
2 TBS "mayo"
1 tsp dried dill
2 tsp dried parsley
1 TBS onion flakes
pinch salt

1. Steam the carrots and broccoli together in a small pot til they look bright but not soggy.  Add the pasta to heat it through.

2. Dish into bowls and divide the rest of the ingredients in two.  Mix and enjoy!
Simple enough, eh?  Not bad, if I do say so myself.

So, since this is such a short post, I'll amuse you with a list of celebrities who are scientologists.  You thought I was going to say vegan, didn't you?  Ha!  This is far more amusing.
Kirstie Alley1951–Actress.
Anne Archer1947–Actress (mother of Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis).
Jennifer Aspen1973–Actress.
Lynsey Bartilson1983–Actress.
Catherine Bell1968–Actress.
Karen Black1939–Actress.
Grant Cardone1958–Salesman, author, motivational speaker, media personality
Nancy Cartwright1957–Voice-over actress.
Kate Ceberano1966–Actress and musician. Ceberano is a third-generation-Scientologist; her grandmother worked as a governess for the children of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.
Erika Christensen1982–Actress, raised Scientologist.
Jeff Conaway1950–2011Actor.
Tom Constanten1944–Former keyboardist for the Grateful Dead.
Chick Corea1941–Musician.
Tom Cruise1962–Actor
Sky Dayton1971–Founder of EarthLink.
Doug DohringEx-owner of Neopets.
Bodhi Elfman1969–Actor.
Jenna Elfman1971–Actress.
Richard ElfmanWriter and director.
Doug E. Fresh1966–Musician and actor.
Peaches Geldof1989–Celebutante.
Beck Hansen1970–Musician.
Isaac Hayes1942–2008Musician and actor.
Katie Holmes1978–Actress (raised Catholic), introduced to Scientology by Tom Cruise while they were dating.
Nicky Hopkins1944–1994Musician.
Mark Isham1951–Musician and film music composer.
Milton Katselas1933–2008Acting teacher.
Jason Lee1970–Actor.
Geoffrey Lewis1935–Actor.
Juliette Lewis1973–Actress.
Noah Lottick1966–1990Scientologist whose suicide was the focus of the Time magazine article "The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power".
Danny Masterson1976–Actor.
Lisa McPherson1959–1995American woman whose death has been a source of controversy for Scientology.
Jim Meskimen1959–Actor and improviser.
Julia Migenes1949–Opera singer.
Sofia Milos1965–Actress.
Elisabeth Moss1982–Actress. Placed among "famous Scientologists" in a 2009 article in the St. Petersburg Times.
Haywood Nelson1960–Actor.
Marisol Nichols1973–Actress.
Judy Norton Taylor1958–Actress.
Eduardo Palomo1962–2003Actor.
Elli Perkins1949–2003Scientologist businesswoman who was murdered by her son who suffered from mental illness.
Bijou Phillips1980–Actress and model.
Laura Prepon1980–Actress.
Will Thompson1987–Trader.
Lisa Marie Presley1968–Singer.
Priscilla Presley1945–Actress.
Kelly Preston1962–Actress and wife of John Travolta.
Lee Purcell1947–Actress.
Leah Remini1970–Actress.
Giovanni Ribisi1974–Actor raised Scientologist.
Marissa Ribisi1974–Actress raised Scientologist.
Michael D. Roberts1947–Actor.
Ruddy Rodríguez1967–Actress.
Pablo Santos1987–2006Actor.
Billy Sheehan1953–Rock bassist.
David SingerChiropractor, Management by Statistics consultant.
Reed Slatkin1949–Criminal Ponzi scheme perpetrator.
Ethan Suplee1976–Actor.
John Travolta1954–Actor.
Greta Van Susteren1954–Television show host. Listed among "A list" members of Scientology in a 2006 article in The Boston Globe. Identified among "notable Scientologists" in the 2007 edition of the book Extraordinary Groups: An Examination of Unconventional Lifestyles by authors William W. Zellner and Richard T. Schaefer.Placed among "famous Scientologists" in a 2009 article in the St. Petersburg Times. Her husband, a lawyer, is a fellow practitioner of Scientology. She told People magazine, "I am a strong advocate of their ethics."
Michael, Kathryn, and Sue Walicki2007–Scientology family who was attacked by their mentally ill daughter/sister after a lapse in medication.
Edgar Winter1946–Musician.

Why am I not surprised that a criminal Ponzi Scheme perpetrator is a scientologist?

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