Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Herein lies my first attempt at blogging so people don't have to go to my site, the site will go to them.



Welcome!  Since myspace crashed and burned, I'm going to try and use this site
to post recipes I create and/or make...  Though I cook practically every night, half
of the time I make them up, the other half come from awesome books by Isa
Chandra Moskowitz or Donna Klein (we're not worthy!) or vegetariantimes,
allrecipes, etc..... where was I going with that? Ah yes, though I cook a LOT, I am
also super duper busy with work so to "blog" would require a 25th hour.  I will try
to post at least 2 recipes a week, I think I can commit to that!  I will try to post
pictures too, since it makes a big difference in first impressions.  

The name for the cooking blog comes from our lifestyle as vegans... Going back,
Rod has been a vegetarian for 14 years, myself for 10; we made the complete
transfer over to veganism in 2007.  It's been incredible!  It opens your eyes to
what's in your food... when you scan labels for dairy and meat, you tend to pick
up on all the crap that gets snuck in.  For example, discovering that Pizza Hut
chicken products all contain fish.  See, though I don't eat it anyway, it still grosses
me out.  Don't believe me?  Check out what else lurks in their food:
That's one trick by the way, is to look up allergens, or claim lactose intolerance. 
Though one look at us and they know we have funny diets... teehee...

Anways, enough with today's rambling, let's get to cooking!

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